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Yesterday was kind of odd.

I didn't see the cute nerdy boy from down the hall, but Ron sure as hell told everyone I liked him.
I was walking back to work from walking Steph back to her work, and Ron pokes his head out of his door and goes "LOOK! IT'S THE GIRL WHO LIKES ZACK!" I was like "OMFGSTFU!"

I almost died.

Thomas stopped by too.
He asked who I was seeing this time. I said no one cause I work too much & that I really didn't have time to be with someone unless they were willing to go to my house whenever to see me after work. He said if he knew where I lived, he'd come over.

That boy has not changed at all. Then something was said, and I said "Shut up, you love me." And he said "I know, I always will too, it's not something I can really help." After that we both stayed kind of quiet.
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okay. so i got bored.
here i am not being able to sleep. AGAIN.
i noticed that i only stay up when i have a lot on my mind.

here are a few things about myself.
and lyrics.

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